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Charlie Hoare

Brand Identity


Charlie works with individuals and organisations to make them healthier and happier through coaching, culture workshops and mental health talks.


The visual identity was designed to reflect this optimism, positivity and approachability through a colourful, contemporary palette and an eye catching website with hand drawn elements to convey a human touch.

CH Logo & Name colour_low_res.png

Logo Design

The concept for the logo refers to eastern philosophies focusing on imperfection, impermanence and irregularity and reflects on Charlie's experience of working in South East Asia. The shape symbolises the process of opening up, joining the dots and moving forward, in a style that retains the energy of the original ink gesture. The blue palette resonated with Charlie as a grounded colour and is reflective of his active lifestyle by the sea.


Digital Design

I developed a suite of templates for Charlie to use across presentation decks and digital platforms including banners, stories, newsletter templates and email signature.

CH Linkedin screenshot.jpg
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