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Ugly Duck, London

6-8th October 2017

A festival showcasing artists working at the intersection of analogue and digital technologies and exploring the combined creative possibilities when they are used together.

I showed a digital projection of an image of a painting that has now been erased.  Working with oil on Perspex, gestures and compositions were found using quick decision making and fast manipulation of paint in a similar process to the photograms I make in the dark room. 

These forms were captured instantly using digital photography before the paint was redistributed for the next set of gestures and finally wiped away entirely. This process challenges the gesture's fixity while displaying it digitally projected further de-materialises it, reminding us of it's absence, uniqueness and that it is now only accessible via an image. 

Curated by: Melanie King and Diego Valente of the London Alternative Photography Collective.

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