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Breathe, Zanny Mellor


253 Hoxton Street, London, N1 5LG

28th - 30th November 2019

The international group exhibition features work by 19 artists working in painting, photography, sculpture and installation, selected and curated by Warbling Collective

Perhaps we should have stayed, a title referencing a collective sensed experience felt within today’s political climate. The selected work alludes to a sense of space and conflicts simple existence with an experience of where we now are.

Each artist oscillates between the act of being present and reacting to a place. Teetering on the edge of controlling an environment or being controlled by one. Exploring the atmospheric light, movement and romanticism of it, focusing in on our own fragilities and the inner restraints that can be caused by a certain space.


Artists include: Kim Bartelt, Paula Baader, Ethan Caflisch, Nancy Constandelia, Mary Herbert, Alex Jones, Sara Juel Andersen, Graham Lister, Scott Licznerski, Claudia de la Mata, Zanny Mellor, Lizzie Munn, Kaveh Ossia, Joona Pakkanen, Alexandra Searle, Benjamin Terry, Philip Williams, Tom Wilmott and Maddalena Zadra. 

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