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Ugly Duck, London

4th - 5th February 2017

School of Light brings together a broad selection of artists working with light and related themes in the incredible 3 storey events space Ugly Duck in Bermondsey.


40 artists will be showing installation, sound, sculpture, photography and painting, exploring the properties of darkness,, artificial light and daylight through themes astronomical, spatial and sensory perception in this immersive group exhibition curated by Lumen Studios.

I exhibited two paintings from the Refocus series that take reference from the process of focussing a camera lens, where a photographer’s vision is suspended and fluctuating between moments of visual clarity and atmospheric fog.  Traces of gestural marks in subtle tones of varied translucency create an optically stimulating experience that feels unanchored and floating, where a viewer’s physical movements allow the changing effects of light to be read on the painting.

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