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Bol Foods

Creative pitch of moving image concepts for the brand's social media content included a new product announcement GIF including flat lay veg photography and a simple sketch narrative of how to microwave heat their product with illustrated segment of the logo spinning round like a clock hand.

Concept animation Zanny Mellor BF.png
Tool box mobile mock up.jpg

Photography concept for a new product, The Power Lunch Shake aimed at their target audience, the busy health-conscious meal skipper who is ‘on the go’. The brand are looking to reach a wider audience so I envisaged the shake fitting inside a workman's toolbox, paired with light-hearted copy.

Dave the electrician is looking for a quick fix lunch between jobs. Luckily his Power Shake fits perfectly inside his tool kit. Now that’s a nifty lunch box!

Halo - Estates Gazette

Estates Gazette magazine asked me to spend one day developing a bold, contemporary logo concept for a new digital platform that combines real estate and tech. The logo needed to work standalone, as well as with the existing tag line seen below with a few different design and colour options.

This project was initial concept only and the final art-working was completed in-house by the magazine.

Halo logo simple.jpg
2 box view_wrap.jpg

Packaging Concept

Design concept for luxury candle brand using pattern wrap around from unique photogram prints that I created in a photographic dark room. The original prints are made using multiple exposures of light, shadow and paint, to create sensuous textures that represent the natural elements and an intimate candlelit environment.

candle packaging layout.jpg

Poster design concept

Re-imagining the exhibition poster for ‘Eco-visionaries’ at The Royal Academy.


World turned upside down uses seascape imagery by Wolfgang Tillmans printed and torn up to offer a visual of climate change that is handmade, reflecting the human impact on our natural systems.


Cycling - Transport for London

Poster design competition entry for a brief set by Transport For London and Association of Illustrators to promote cycling in the city.


Beat The Rush used a clock graphic and hand rendered type to illustrate it as the speediest option and was featured in The Best of British Illustration Awards 2011 publication and national touring exhibition.

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