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The Breath Project


A creative community focused on health and wellbeing with an aim to present exhibitions and projects to support artists, and people affected by the global pandemic. The project is a collaboration between myself and Hannah Payne, Senior Director at Zuleika Gallery. 

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Rhythm Adjust - exhibition auction


Rhythm Adjust was a non-profit exhibition bringing together 24 international contemporary artists and 37 artworks that consider breath, from abstract gesture to representation and processes found in nature and the body. The exhibition auction ran from May - June 2021 and was curated by Hannah and Zanny, hosted online by The Auction Collective and raised funds for Frontline 19, an independent UK nationwide service delivering free, confidential psychological support to NHS and frontline workers who are, or have been working on the frontline of Covid-19.

The invitation used an intriguing abstract photograph I took during lockdown of a bathroom mirror steamed up and a smeared gesture revealing the rhythmic reflection of a blind. The intimate setting and fleeting impermanence of the marks seemed to symbolise and visualise breath and the lungs as a site of transformation.

Logo Design

I designed the logo to be open, simple, active and energised. The forms used refer to the curved and dynamic shape of a diaphragm and ribs, reaching upwards to indicate the movement of breath and a sense of positivity. 

Rhythm Adjust The Breath Project exhibit
Rhythm Adjust auction until 11th June4 s

Digital Design & Social Media Management

I designed the social media assets to compliment the simplicity of the logo and create a paired back visual language to let the varied colour and texture of the artworks take prescedence. We created a social calendar, curated instagram feed and stories @the.breathproject to deliver the narrative of the exhibition, the work of our charity partner and the artist's creative practices.

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